With the eclipse coming up, the city of Rexburg and BYU-Idaho prepare for the visitors.

The city council held a community meeting about the eclipse to prepare Rexburg for the upcoming weekend.

Chris Mann, a member of the Rexburg City Council, advised the community to shop local and early for the eclipse, according to community meeting.

“I have great confidence in the business community to be prepared, ready and able to assist you, the citizens of Rexburg,” Mann said in the meeting.

He invited all local business to come together and work in harmony with each other for the common good.

“The city of Rexburg, Madison County, Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce, Madison Memorial Hospital, BYU and so many others, along with business owners, have come together to work as partners with your safety and your concern in mind,” Mann said during the meeting.

Brett Crandall, the media relations manager for BYU-I, said the university has been preparing for the eclipse for a while.

“We started receiving calls for reservations more than a year ago,” he said. “We filled our capacity for campus eclipse visitors about two months ago.”

Crandall said students and employees are free to view the eclipse anywhere on campus.

“The 6,000 visitors who have registered with the University are assigned locations to view the eclipse on specific playing fields and green spaces across campus,” Crandall said.

He said the 6,000 reservations came from about 500 groups from all over the world.

“Groups include individuals and families to large touring companies to astronomer organizations including the Danish Astronomers Association,” Crandall said.

Crandall said groups from Denmark, Japan, England, Australia, Belgium, Columbia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Taiwan also made reservations with the school.

Crandall said universities across the country made reservations including, MIT, Utah State, BYU, UVU, UCLA, ISU, and the University of Georgia.

Vanessa Davis, a manager for Shelbourne Apartments, said her apartments complex is one of the BYU-I approved housing apartments that are open for renting during the eclipse weekend.

“Once we decided to rent for the eclipse, the owners took care of listing the apartments on Airbnb, and I fielded all the emails and phone calls we got,” Davis said.

She said most of the people who contacted them got their contact information from the BYU-I website.

“We only have four people signed up, but I get phone calls and emails about it almost daily,” Davis said. “I direct them to the Airbnb listing and they book from there if they want to.”

Davis said that the same rules applied to students will be applied to the renters, especially no partying and no alcohol.

“We will have a special viewing area in our parking lot for those who are here renting for the eclipse if they choose to use it,” Davis said. “We’ll be charging parking for anyone else who may need a place to park.”