Current employees of BYU-Idaho were called to serve as mission presidents in some of the fifty-eight new missions recently created. This exciting event includes not only the new places the mission presidents will get to live, but it includes something far more important as well, according to Brother Chambers.

“What the Lord taught me, not very long after the call came… It’s almost as if he said, ‘Robert, I didn’t call you to preside over a place. I called you to preside over the missionaries sent to that place.’ And that made all the difference in the world. Once I realized that, that I’m going to Salt Lake South because that’s where my missionaries are,” said Brother Chambers, mission president over the new Salt Lake City South mission.

Brother Chambers isn’t the only one thinking about his future missionaries. Brother Hobbs has also thought about the responsibility and challenge of being a mission president.

“I think the thing that is most challenging for me is just to know if I can connect with the missionaries and help them, you know, mature and develop into the best missionaries they can be,” said Brother Hobbs, mission president of the new California Rancho Cucamonga mission.

In order to better help them in that way, Brother Eaton says he hopes to get to know and love his missionaries.

“What I’m praying for is that in a miraculously short period of time we can come to know them and love them. It will be a strange and wonderful thing to suddenly be serving with 100 or 200 missionaries whom I don’t know at all today, but whom we’ll hopefully come to know very quickly and love very quickly,” said Brother Eaton, mission president over the new Washington Federal Way mission.

These new mission presidents will first report to the MTC and then shortly after report to their new missions by the end of July. Reporting from BYU-Idaho, Alicia Mihu, Scroll Digital.

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