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BYU-Idaho is now positioned among the “ivy leaguers” and the “hot babes” — or at least that is how BYU-I was rated in a recent national poll.

According to www.businessinsider.com, BYU-Idaho was ranked number 16 of 25 schools in an article titled, “25 Colleges Where Students Are Both Hot and Smart.”

Other schools on the list included Yale University, Boston College, Stanford University and Duke University. Drumroll for spot number one — BYU.

The study was completed by a website called College Prowler, which ranks schools on different topics based on input from students at the schools. They have more than 700,000 student reviews on 7,000 schools. College Prowler took rankings on looks and smarts and combined the two to compile the list.

“These rankings were based on approximately 120,000 hot/smart data points taken from about 370,000 surveyed college students,” according to www.businessinsider.com.

According to the College Prowler website, BYU-I is also ranked within a number of categories. It got an A+ for health and safety, a B for parking, a C+ for off-campus dining and a D+ for nightlife, among other rankings.

BYU-I has been listed on several other national rankings in the past.

The College Prowler website ranked BYU-I number two on “Strictest Honor Code,” right behind BYU at number one.

In 2012, www.forbes.com ranked BYU-I ninth on its list of top 10 most affordable colleges.

BYU-I has also been ranked on several of Forbes’s lists for best colleges in the United States.