By: Natalia Hepworth,

REXBURG — Brigham Young University-Idaho has been ranked as one of the safest universities in the nation.

Safe Wise, a national online home security agency, found BYU-Idaho was the third safest university in the United States, based on a nationwide study that pulled data from the FBI on university safety.

Jason Steiner, a junior at BYU-Idaho, feels like the university deserves the recognition. “We feel like our possession are safe, our cars are safe, it’s great campus to be at,” he said.

One reason the university remains safe is its free Rape Aggression Defense course for women, known as R.A.D.

“It’s a program that teaches women to have options,” R.A.D. instructor Emi Flamm said. “It teaches them how to use what they have available to them, their personal weapons instead of putting their safety in objects like pepper spray.”

Flamm said students should still keep their guard up, even though it’s generally a safe area.

“When they get to Rexburg … A lot of people think, I’m so safe here,” Flamm said. “But it’s still a college campus and it still attracts people that would victimize others.”

Although the campus has doubled in size over the last 15 years, Rexburg police haven’t seen a drastic increase in crime.

“I have half of my population for the community that signs a contract saying they aren’t gonna smoke, drink, commit crimes and that they are going to be in by a curfew,” Rexburg Police Chief Shane Turman said. “It’s the moral code for up at the college and it makes a huge difference.”