Story by Tom Snider

BYU-Idaho’s Student Representative Council works for the student body. According to BYU-I, the council represents students by actively participating in more than 20 university administrative councils. However, a lot of students do not know what they do.

Andrew Smith, a sophomore studying biochemistry, is currently serving as the director of the student representative council.

“Essentially, what we do is sit on administrative councils,” Smith said. “We work with administration. We will have one council member assigned to a few different ones. Throughout the week, we are going there and talking to them and making sure they are considering the students view points through out these meetings.”

To be a council member, students are interviewed by the school. The students sit on councils to voice the opinion of the student body. Some students question if this model fairly represents the student body.

“If its just something that just goes on behind closed doors, then people don’t know who is really representing them,” said Braxton Bennett a sophmore studying computer information technology.

The SRC collects information through surveys, focus groups and even knocking on doors to get students involved. To be on the council, you have to volunteer.

“I have found that doing it this way with the interview process, with the student representative approach versus the student body approach, it does attract a different kind of people,” Smith said. “You find people who are here to serve and less of people trying to find something to just put on their resume, and you are finding people who really just want to help the student body.”

The SRC embodies disciple leadership, which is something BYU-Idaho strives for in every student.

“They are good people; they care about the students,” Smith said. “When they go around campus and talk to students to get them out to stuff, it’s because they love them. They want to help their experience become better. That is their primary motivator.”

If you are interested in getting involved with the Student Representative Council, there is a meeting every second Thursday at 6 p.m. in the Manwaring Center 358.