BYU-Idaho launched a new campaign with the purpose of educating new students that BYU-I is “student focus by design.”

According to BYU-I, it is completely centered on the students. In the beginning of the year, the university launched a new campaign to “educate primarily students and prospective students on the university’s educational emphasis and student-focused benefits.”

On a survey done with current students, BYU-I discovered that most students mostly recognized the following categories, the teaching focus of faculty, the power of studying with students who share same values, a focus on real-world preparation and the affordability in cost of tuition, the university informed.

“We put the students’ success at the heart of all we do,” according to the BYU-I website.

The goal of the university is to share hundreds of messages focused on how centered BYU-I is in their students and how it can make a difference in achieving the goal of developing disciple leaders of Jesus Christ, over the next two years, according to BYU-I.

“We have a wonderful, inspired mission to build testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ; to educate our students with high quality; to prepare them for the responsibilities they will face; and to create here a wholesome, righteous community in which students may thrive spiritually, intellectually and socially,” said Elder Kim B. Clark, former president of BYU-I and current Commissioner of the Church Educational System, according to the BYU-I website.