Every fall semester, students prepare to participate in the competitive leagues. Makenzie Bush, a sophomore studying video production, explains how she got involved in women’s volleyball.

“Well I wanted to play for college or for a university but I ended up coming to BYU-Idaho. I still wanted to be active in volleyball and I knew they didn’t have a team so I couldn’t actually play in a competitive league but they do have the competitive league here so it’s kind of fun. I just emailed around and looked up programs on the activities site and I found it, tried out and I made it,” said Bush.

During each season, the league will have 10 teams with 9-12 players on each one. Brandon Merritt, a junior studying math education, shares what it is like to referee women’s volleyball.

“I’ve been refereeing for volleyball for about a year and a half here on campus. I have been doing it outside as well for this last semester. Hopefully I keep continuing to do it while I go on after this school just to be able to be involved and help wherever I move to referee volleyball,” said Merritt.

Being a referee is challenging, but very rewarding.

“It’s a little nerve wrecking being a ref but it has its strengths and it’s weaknesses and it’s okay. Once you get use to it, it’s not bad,” said Bush.

If you’re interested in joining a league this semester, there are classes throughout campus year round teaching the basics and fundamentals of volleyball. There is an intramural program that is available every night at the I-Center.