BYU-Idaho students are remembering Elder Richard G. Scott and the legacy he left behind.

“I remember him coming down to my stake conference and hosting it and getting to shake his hand at the end and feeling like he really cared about all of us,” said Blake Turley, a Senior studying Computer Information Technology,

Students remember Elder Scott talking frequently about his deep love for his wife, Jeanine.

“I just remembered he gave, I’m sure everyone knows plenty of talks about his wife and just his sweet demeanor when he started talking about her, and how he treated her with such respect, you could tell that he had an eternal love for her,” said Travis Denna, senior studying biochemistry.

Jordan Bullock, a freshman studying business management, said he will remember how calm Elder Scott was when he gave talks.

“I’ve always loved just the way that he speaks,” Bullock said. “He speaks with a calm, and you can feel his love behind his words. You can feel the charity that he has developed throughout years of service as an apostle of Jesus Christ.”

Jessica Christensen, a junior studying graphic design said she remembers how much Elder Scott knew and loved the gospel.

“Just knowing that he loved the restoration,” Christensen said. “I’m sure he is just so happy being up there with Joseph Smith and all the other people who have brought this world so much peace and happiness. That is one of my favorite memories, just knowing that everything really tied together for Elder Scott.”

Elder Scott will always be remembered by his smile, said Rachel Meyers, a freshman studying biology.

“I always loved how happy he was,” Meyers said. “He was a happy man. He testified boldly like all the apostles do, but he always testified with power and authority and with a smile. That is what stood out to me the most. We will miss him a lot but he is continuing his work in the spirit world, that is for sure.”

Wesley Osguthorpe, a junior studying biology, felt that Elder Scott brought him closer to Jesus Christ.

“I loved being able to watch him personally in General Conference,” Osguthorpe said. “My Grandpa was able to get us tickets. He always testified of the atonement in such a humble and sincere way. I always felt the spirit testify to me that our Savior, Jesus Christ knew that I was going through and I was able to come clean from sin again.”