The stands may be empty now, but this Friday will be a full house for the No Bull Roundup. The horses and livestock are provided by Hugh Baldwin, the event’s creator.

“He’s been doing it ever since because its just been such a big hit, and he just really loves the fun that the students have and the opportunity that it gives to the students who haven’t seen a rodeo to kind of understand we do,” said Brooke Parker, Rodeo Manager.

Imagine a 1500-pound steer coming out of the gate, it rushes out. Instead of a professional cowboy or cowgirl though, it’s you riding the steer.

The steer riding portion of the event is designed to teach people not only how to ride, but to show them what cowboys and cowgirls go through.

“Honestly it’d just be bragging rights like, ‘I rode a steer and you didn’t.’ That’s what I’d be looking forward to,” said Parker.

So if you want to try your hand at riding or take part in the Redneck Olympics, then be sure to check out the No Bull Roundup at the Madison County Fairgrounds in Rexburg this Friday night.