“In my free time on my mission I listened to the seminary DVD’s. His voice was so memorable in Spiritual Crocodiles. He has power behind what he’s saying as President of the quorum of the apostles.”

-Evan Thompson, a sophomore majoring in general studies
“In April 2014, President Packer gave a powerful testimony of His witness of Christ. I was on my mission in Brazil, and all of the missionaries were so excited. After the talk, we all fist bumped!”

-Anne Marie Michelsen, a sophomore studying business management
“In the talk Reverence invites revelation he talks about all the bad stuff in the world and how important it is to know what side you’re on. He also talks about how in his patriarchal blessing it mentions his ability to listen to the spirit and it mattered to me because I think we all need to and can hear the promptings of the spirit.”

-Cameron Bixchoff, a freshman studying recreational management


“During my first General Conference on my mission, October 2011, President Packer shared a poem about an old crow. This became a theme that was repeated throughout my mission.”

-Paul Tupou, a sophomore studying business management