On May 11, a few BYU-Idaho students decided to go on a hike in Driggs, Idaho where there they decided to go through the snow to visit a cave called Darby.

Nathan Smith a Sophomore studying agronomy said, “We hiked the canyon and it was in snow so it took us longer than we thought. Three hours instead of two.”

The plan in the cave was to explore then get out, but that didn’t fall through.

“When we got to the plug it was around we figure five or six in the morning, and at that point we figure, ‘oh we can just hack through the ice and get right through’,” said Smith.

Within an estimated guess of ten minutes from the entrance, the guys were blocked by a wall of ice.

“We started going at the ice with our ax, pick ax, ice pick, whatever you want to call it, we went at the proper angle but once we started down at the hole the water started to fill in  and so we didn’t have any power and the angle was kinda awkward and so there was no way to get past that two foot mark,” said Smith.

Being away and worried the guys always had sport from friends and family.

Simon Jones, a senior studying biology said, “That was probably the best experience and overwhelming the sport and the care that people put into it.”

The guys were away for total of 36 hours. They are unhurt, and glad to be back with their love ones.