Located at the BYU-Idaho Bookstore, Think has been a part of the store for 18 months. Think helps students create their own custom graphic clothing.

Ryan Buttars, Auxiliary Marketing and Procurement Manager at Think, said Think is a custom imprinting service offered at the University Store.

Think’s slogan is “You think it, we ink it,“ according to the BYU-I store Facebook page.

Buttars said Think specializes in two different processes right now: sublimation and straight-to-garment printing.

“Sublimation is a process where we can dye ink graphics onto 100 percent polyester fabrics as well as make custom phone cases,” Buttars said. “This process lasts a lot longer than any screen printing but the limitation is that we can’t do white ink. So whatever the fabric cold is, will be the tint of the graphic. The darker the fabric, the more you will want to go with a black logo.”

Buttars said straight-to-garment printing is similar to screen printing but can get finer detail and have millions of colors in the artwork without incurring any additional fees.

“You can print complex graphics with gradient fills or abstract color variations on 100 percent cotton fabrics,” Buttars said. “We only print on our own blank merchandise for this process because we have found only a few higher quality shirts that work well with this ink. The only downside to this process is that the graphic doesn’t last as long as the sublimation since it’s not actually dyed into the fabric.”

Buttars said Think has been serving students in many capacities.

“Think does custom championship shirts for all the Sports Activities groups,” Buttars said. “Think offers discounts to all art classes that have to develop their own logos and display then on some type of medium, whether it be a shirt, or a canvas print, and we do various other things like adding last names or doing family reunion or family trip shirts.”

Buttars said Think has experimented and printed on pillow cases and leather for IBC groups. He said the options are endless.

Buttars said Think’s pricing is very competitive for the quality of service and product. He said Think wants to help students and Think is not focused on making money but helping their customers.

“Anything that is close to 100 percent polyester can be sublimated,” Buttars said. “And we offer sourcing for a wide variety of clothing including shirts, hoodies, socks, ties, etc. you name it.”

Buttars said Think started with the cotton printer they saw at a trade show.

Buttars said Think did not want to keep turning away customers and departments because they could not meet the minimum unit-per-order requirement that their vendors had with this company.

“This enabled us to do anywhere from 1-1,000 shirts,” Buttars said. “It helps us serve more people. And we have been growing this customization area to do more things as well. We are currently looking at adding a custom vinyl cutter.”

Buttars said Think is currently working on building a website that customers can order from but for now just come in, call Think at 208-496-3412, or email Think at thinkbyui@gmail.com.

Dallin Snell, a sophomore studying psychology, said he was hired as a lead student for Think.

“It is great to be intricately involved in the designing, maintenance of all our printers and seeing so many happy customers walk away with awesome custom products,” Snell said.

Bryce Wilson, a sophomore studying web design, said he has never heard of Think before.

“Although I have never heard of Think before, it sounds like a great place I can go to customize clothing,” Wilson said.

Wilson said he created a logo a few weeks ago, and he wants to have it printed on a shirt. Now that Wilson knows about Think, he will be contacting them and having his design printed on a shirt.

“If I wanted to print a custom shirt I would have to find a website to do it and pay the online website a ton of money to get it done,” Wilson said. “Think is on campus and it is easy to get to.”

Wilson said most online stores require customers to buy in bulk if they want cheaper prices. Just one shirt can get pretty expensive.

“I think it is very smart and awesome that Think can print one shirt rather than 50 like online websites,” Wilson said.