BYU-Idaho’s Turkey Bowl was on Saturday Nov. 12, on the school’s Upper Playing Fields. The co-ed flag football tournament consists of teams playing each other to win a Turkey Bowl t-shirt and all the football bragging rights. Many members of each team have a love for football which spans many years

“When I was in junior high, I would go out and play backyard football with all the guys,” said Christine Taylor, a senior studying communication. “It was two-hand-touch, and that’s where my love for football came in. I just made the connection at one of my football games.”

Football is a hugely competitive sport, which has captivated football watchers and players alike.

“I love to compete; football is fun,” said Paul Lloyd, a senior studying business finance. “I love this tournament because it’s co-ed — gives me a chance to play with my wife. Football, for whatever reason — I loved it since a little kid. Yeah, it’s just fun.”

The players all have their different reason as to why the keep coming back to play more.

“I think the adrenaline rush — the time when you pass a ball and get a touchdown, or when you run and juke out players — it’s just the adrenaline rush,” Taylor said.

“Showing off in front of people.” said McKayla Thomas, a sophomore studying animal science. “Because I’m a girl, so when you’re playing with guys, like you catch it, juke them out; I don’t know, makes you feel better about yourself. It’s like ‘yeah you got outrun by a girl.'”

No matter if they won or lost, everyone came out to play in the name of fun.