BYU-Idaho dancers and students share their experiences after Dance Alliance’s tour in the Midwest of the U.S.

There were 35 students performing in the BYU-I Dance Alliance dance company. They visited 15 cities and danced for more than 6,500 people this summer, according to the BYU-I website.

“In each city, they stayed with local families, giving them a chance to experience the unique culture of each community,” according to the BYU-I website.

Kendall Moore, a dancer for the Dance Alliance and a senior studying exercise physiology, said the purpose for the tour was to share the gospel.

Moore said Dance Alliance gave her more opportunities to flourish and strengthen her testimony than anything she experienced before.

“I have been able to express my testimony of the gospel through my talents,” Moore said. “Heavenly Father has allowed us to spread the gospel through our movement.”

Sophie Sandor, a dancer for the Dance Alliance and a senior studying dance pedagogy, said she gained a deeper understanding of her divine identity. She said she experienced her testimony grow during her performances.

“Basically, this experience of dancing has deepened my character and I have loved all the moments with each person,” Sandor said. “I am so thankful for the arms, words and prayers that have uplifted me throughout that time together as a team.”

Sandor said she is filled with gratitude for the people she has met on the tour.

“Some of the strongest bonds can form from dancing together,” Sandor said.

Moore said she watched tears fill up the eyes of audience members who gave them standing ovations every night and embraced them with grateful and hopeful hearts.

“Our show is powerful,” Moore said. “Our message is pure. People are moved by our show and so impressed with the professionalism and passion for life we portray.”

Sandor said she is grateful for the directors and managers she worked with, especially for their love and understanding towards her.

“From being a part of this tour group I have learned more than just new steps, new history, or how to perform on a team,” Sandor said. “I have learned how to better serve. I have learned how to understand and appreciate my body.”

Moore said they worked hard for seven months of not only physical but also of spiritual preparation.

“People have approached us in person or through technology to let us know they want to know more,” Moore said. “They want to take the lessons. They want to be baptized. They want to know why we are glowing and why we are so happy.”

Moore said they got to be the spark of light, truth and hope to many people.

“Dance is a universal language that all can connect with,” Moore said. “And this is why we are given talents. (It) is to use them for good.”

They performed in the following cities: Lyman, Wyo.; Boulder, Colo.; Salina, Kans.; Kansas City, Mo.; Springfield, Mo.; Rogers, Ark.; Tulsa, Okla.; Oklahoma City, Okla.; Weatherford, Tex.; and Tyler, Tex., according to the BYU-I website.

Moore said tour gives the opportunity to grow as a team, a family and help others along the way to know the source of true happiness.

“Words don’t give this show justice,” Moore said. “This team has provided me missionary experiences that will forever be in my heart.”