The BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble is coming to BYU-Idaho on Saturday, Jan. 23, according to the BYU-Idaho Center Stage Web page.

The IFDE is a dance group that features different cultures such as Irish hard shoe, American clogging, Ukranian Hopak and exotic dances from India, according to the BYU Dance website.

“The experience of furious footwork, pulsating rhythms, live music and authentic costumes will leave you with a special kind of wanderlust,” according to the BYU Dance website.

Rustin Vak Katwyk, a faculty member of the BYU-I Theatre and Dance Department, was a member of the BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble in 2004.

“I knew about BYU’s folk dance program from my older sister who danced on the company in the early 2000s,” Van Katwyk said. “I got accepted into BYU winter of 2004 and became a member of the IFDE in the fall of that same year.”

Van Katwyk said he danced with the IFDE for four years, and the best part of his experience was going on tour with the ensemble.

“I have a greater understanding of the world and its people because of the touring opportunities I had with the IFDE,” Van Katwyk said. “Touring involves the obvious aspects of performing and seeing some amazing sites during some downtime, but also members of the company participate in outreach events with local church members, attend their church meetings and host firesides for them with music, song and testimony bearing.”

IFDE has toured to over 100 countries since 1964, according to BYU-Idaho Newsroom.

Van Katwyk said that the IFDE performances have certain popular dances that have become traditional pieces in the show, such as the Ukranian Hopak, but because of the variety of choreographies included, the show is never the same experience twice.

Their new show, Journey, is a 90-minute voyage of dance and music through the heartbeat of the world’s cultures.

“They can expect a show filled with lots of energy and diverse sights and sounds,” Van Katwyk said. “They’ll learn about a diverse array of culture through narration, song and dance that they likely won’t find anywhere else.”

Tickets for the Center Stage event are $8 to $10 for the public and $5 to $6 for BYU-Idaho students.