On Oct. 18, BYU-Idaho’s Parker Kane, a sophomore studying communication, was beatboxing in a Rexburg, Idaho McDonald’s, and the video of it has since gone viral.

Kane said, when he was 14, he was looking at McDonald’s drinks when a random thought came to mind as he was sitting in a car.

“I picked up the cup, and I started blowing into it,” Kane said. “I realized I could change the pitch with how high or low the straw was in the cup, and then I did normal beat boxing on top of that, and it just worked.”

He said he has shown the trick to people since then because they enjoy it.

“But, this specific time, Erick was with me and different friends of mine were like ‘Oh, let’s record this,’” Kane said.  “One of my friends, Shawn, posted it. It just started to take off from there.”

Kane said he began beatboxing because his family was musically talented, but he was not.  He said he did not know how to fit in until he was inspired by a boy band.

“We were watching an N-Sync concert on  TV, and Justin Timberlake was beatboxing one of his songs and I was like ‘I’ve got to try that,’” Kane said. “It just became addicting from that point on.”

Kane said he was always trying to learn how to imitate new sounds. He said he hoped he could accomplish something by doing what he loved.

“I’ve had this dream of going big with music since I was nine years old, and I’ve always wanted to be the type of person to achieve something great like that and inspire others,” Kane said.

Since the original post, LAD Bible, EDM, Viral Hog and other viral video companies have shared the video, said Erick Rivera, a junior studying business management and Kane’s manager.

“The exposure is coming,” Kane said. “The video itself has over 50 million views.”

Rivera said they got the video copyrighted and licensed.  He said Kane signed with Viral Hog, which has promoted his name further and allowed Kane more opportunities from major companies.

“I am actually auditioning for America’s Got Talent on Dec. 5,” Kane said. “That will be another door opener.”

Rivera said America’s Got Talent contacted Kane and gave him a fast-pass to the front of the line for when he auditions.

Kane said his video is being shown on shows like Good Morning America in Japan and the United Kingdom.

“My YouTube analytics page shows the top ten countries list, and the United States is number eight,” Kane said. “It blows my mind because that video is all around the world and people are loving it.”

Kane said he loves inspiring people.

“It has been surreal to see where it’s gone and to receive all the messages back like, ‘Hey, thank you for doing that, ‘Hey, this is awesome,’ ‘Hey, you’re bringing dubstep and beatboxing to a new level,’” Kane said.

Kane said he does not want people to be afraid to talk to him.

“There have been a lot of people that are staring at me, and you can tell they’re talking about me,” Kane said. “I can hear the word beatboxing being said. One thing I really love is just talking with people and having them come up and talk and get to know me. It’s cool.”

Kane said he would love to meet up with other musicians.

“There are so many musically talented people that walk this campus,” Kane said. “It’s good to get to know them and do things with them so they can get exposure, too.”

Kane said he has some new ideas for future videos.

“I think it’d be kinda cool to just get lots of different cups and have them different pitches and make songs out of it,” Kane said. “I think, with the right technology and stuff, I could put on a pretty good show. So I think it’d be cool to go on tour or something with other artists as well.”

Kane said that if he were to progress farther than YouTube, it would be amazing, especially because now he knows people enjoy what he does.

“Just that alone is enough to inspire me to keep pushing further,” Kane said.