On the second floor of the Ezra Taft Benson building, there are two rooms used by the Applied Plant Science department.

“We’re in one of the green house rooms in the Benson building,” said Emma Scott, a junior studying plant and wildlife ecology. “We’re in the desert room. It’s a dry climate room so it has dry climate plants.”

The desert room is only one side of the Benson building gardens, Scott said.

“The other room is called the jungle room,” Scott said. “It’s more humid, it has the tropical plants.”

The Benson gardens are home to a variety of different plants, such as the yucca plant that can only be pollenated by the yucca moth, Scott said.

“My now husband and I had one of our dates in the rainforest room,” Scott said. “We sat at the table by the waterfall that leads down to the koi pond.”

Scott said she had been to the rainforest room before, but had forgotten about it until her husband asked her to have a picnic there.

“The rainforest room and the desert room are mostly for enjoyment, but they also use them for plant identification,” Scott said. “They have tours all the time. You can come and ask for a tour of the greenhouse and they give groups tours and tell them about the plants they grow on campus.”

The Benson Secret Garden is open from 8 a.m.–5p.m. on the weekdays, according to the BYU-Idaho Benson Gardens Web page.

“You can come to the greenhouse any time,” Scott said. “It’s not locked.”

Scott said she goes to the rainforest room often, usually in the early morning and in the early afternoon.

“I really like them because I can come here and be alone, and just be in the nature,” Scott said. “I can do my homework, I can come on more dates like I did with my husband. It’s really nice it’s a good place to go to get away.”