This Saturday, March 26, BYU-Idaho’s Social Activities will be recreating the popular TV show The Amazing Race in the first ever group version of the “I-Mazing Race.”

The show allows viewers to follow teams around the world completing various challenges, both physical and intellectual. The first one to complete the tasks win the grand prize of $1 million.

Emren Fogle, a coordinator through Social Activities in charge of I-Mazing Race and a sophomore studying communication, said that although the prize of the I-Mazing Race will not be $1 million, the experience of completing tasks quickly will be pretty similar.

Rather than traveling across the world, contestants of the I-Mazing Race will be traveling around campus. Instead of entering into a new country, students will enter into a new theme.

The whole race has a “Waldo” theme, and students will need to find Waldo in the Thomas E. Ricks Demonstration Gardens in order to win the race. Other destination themes include medieval, space and sports.

Teams will be assigned different routes to prevent congestion on routes, allowing teams better opportunities to catch up when they are behind.

“Social Activities has the goal to accommodate as many people as they can and to let students know that there are so many fun ways to get out and meet people,” Fogle said.

One way in which social activities accommodates students is by having activities of all kinds.

Some of the challenges include eating contests, bowling alley tasks, roller-skating, carnival type games, Disney movie trivia, Nerf wars, inflatable jousting and hungry hippos.

The I-Mazing Race is the perfect date idea. Or, if you’re looking for a group experience, unlike the actual “Amazing Race,” groups can be anywhere from two people to 12 people.

Tickets are $2.50. Participants can sign up ahead of time or the day of. You can buy your tickets here.

“I’ve been looking forward to the I-Mazing Race all semester,” Fogle said. “We’re just hoping that people come and enjoy themselves.”

Will you be the next winner of the I-Mazing Race?