BYU-Idaho Dance alliance is preparing for an upcoming show at Madison Middle School.

This show is special because it is part of BYU-I’s outreach program which is designed to help educate and entertain students while allowing them the opportunity to enjoy cultural and artistic experiences.

Due to budget cuts at the middle school, students can’t experience as many field trips. Students at BYU-I are bringing the experience to them in a variety of ways.

“I remember sitting in the audience as a younger kid watching older people dance and being like, that’s who I want to be when I grow up and so, if someone is able to look at me and want to do what I am doing, I would be so touched as well as really grateful that I inspired them,” said Brooke Murphey.

Dances performed by Dance Alliance include jazz, hip-hop, ballroom, cha-cha and more and some BYU-I students choreograph routines themselves for the performances.

“It’s a great chance to create and be part of a choreographic process and also to just express yourself,” said Jennifer Andrasko, a senior majoring in dance.

Preparing for these shows takes time and dedication from both students and faculty. Members of Dance Alliance also enjoy the rewards dance bring to them and their audience.

“You read a book and hear a story that way but when you’re watching dance or exercising dance you’re going through, you’re living a story through the music though your movement and with your partner, if you’re dancing with a partner—it’s just an experience like none other that’s so fun to do and so innocent,” said Lance Munns.