LEFT Christina Conde, a senior studying business, and RIGHT Tessa Pitcher, a sophomore studying therapeutic recreation, watch the BYU/U of U rivalry game in the Crossroads. BYU is 2-1. CHASE LAWRENSON | Scroll Photography

The BYU vs. U of U rivalry game was aired in the Crossroads Saturday night.
The broadcast was arranged by the Student Alumni Association so BYU fans could get together to cheer on the Cougars.
Danielle Schulthess, a senior studying sociology, and Chaston Ellis, a sophomore studying biology, decided to watch the game at the Crossroads because of the atmosphere.
“It has a bigger screen, which is a lot more fun,” Schulthess said.
Schulthess cited her grandfather’s job as the first BYU sports information director, as a reason she is pro-BYU and likes to be involved with BYU sports.
Ellis said her love of BYU football is rooted deep in tradition, because both of her parents attended BYU.
While some students watched the game at the Crossroads, others chose to watch at other venues.
“I went to my friend’s apartment,” said Brea Church, a freshman studying biology.
Blake Mickelsen, a freshman studying nursing traveled home to watch the game with family and friends.
“Usually we have whoever’s a Utah fan come over and whoever’s a BYU fan come over,” Mickelsen said.
Many of the students on campus enjoy rooting for BYU.
“I like BYU football. They have a good program,” said John Johnson, a senior studying business management.
Johnson didn’t follow BYU that closely when he was younger, but recently he’s been paying more attention.
“Ever since Max Hall was the quarterback, I’ve been following them more closely. I go to a BYU-associated school and so I tend to root for them,” Johnson said.
Many prominent BYU football players began their careers at Ricks College.
Jason Buck, defensive lineman for the Washington Redskins, started his career at Ricks College and was a recipient of the Outland Award in 1986.
Ben Cahoon, a receiver for the Montreal Alouettes and recipient of the CFL’s Most Outstanding Canadian award, also attended Ricks College.
The game Saturday night ended in  disappointment for BYU with a 24-21 loss to Utah.
Trailing by 3 with seconds to go, BYU had an opportunity to tie the game with a 36 yard field goal, but was unsuccessful when the ball hit the left right. It was BYU’s first loss.