The Montreal and California Guitar Trios visited the Kirkham Auditorium Friday night. Many from and around Rexburg came to enjoy the jaw dropping music and performance.


“It was really awesome to see their Skill and just enjoy,” said Joseph S. Cramer, a sophomore studying C.I.T.


The night started with the Montreal Guitar Trio playing first. Followed by the California Guitar trio. The night ended with a bang when both Trios preformed a few songs together.


“Probably My favorite song was the Beatles cover,” said Korben McBride, a junior studying elementary education. “My Guitar Gently Weeps. I was just incredible.”


With sounds of cheers and applause, fans felt the love and the joy these two preforming gros share threw their beautiful talents.


“I feel like the music that we’re playing gives a very positive influence on the audience,” said Paul Richards, musician and performer. “I see everybody with big smiles on their faces afterwards. So I feel like that what we’re doing is a very positive thing and it has a very positive effect on the people who come and see us and hopefully on the world in general.”


Learning an instrument can be hard and down right frustrating to get at times. Richards left with some words of encouragement for those who struggle.


“Along with the repetition that might get boring, you always need to have fun playing,” said Richards. “Play music that you love to play that makes you excited to play it. That inspires your self to play more.”