When the sun goes down, students come out to edify one another through singing underneath the stadium on BYU-Idaho’s football field.

Katie Hogan, a sophomore studying social work, said stadium singing often brings answers that you have been praying about.

A group of coordinators get together every week to decide what hymns are going to be sung and who will be leading.

David Torres, a junior studying engineering, is the manager of stadium singing. Every week he posts on the Stadium Singing at BYUI’s Facebook page reminding everyone about the upcoming event.

“On the Facebook page anyone can join and post which hymn they want to sing every week,” Hogan said. “I am always requesting ‘Lord, I would follow thee.'”

Kellee Kupfer, a freshman studying child development, makes times for stadium singing because it gives her an opportnity to singhymns outside of church.

“The environment is fun and lively,” Kupfer said. “It was a great use of my time. I feel like it is always a great start to my week and it pumps me up for the week.”

Jennifer Morales, a sophomore studying psychology, said that she also enjoys having the opprtunity to sing hymns outside of church.

“Whenever I sang in Nauvoo, the Spirit that you can feel, is so strong because of the sacrifice that the saints went through in the pioneer days,” Morales said. “With stadium singing, there’s all kinds of people and it reminds me of my mission.”

Both Kupfer and Morales agree how great they feel afterwards and encourage students to go at least once a month.

“It is a great way to start the week. It is a way to remember the Savior on the sabbath and throughout the week and I can feel the spirit strongly,” Kupfer said.