Papa John’s employees were huddled together discussing what had happened to one of their own employees.

From the scene, a Papa John’s employee car was T-boned on the left side.

“We didn’t see it happen, but it is one of our drivers so we are worried,” said one of the Papa John’s employees.

A car accident happened on South 1st West, in between The Willows Apartments and The Northpoint Apartments, at approximately 7:40 p.m. May 15.

“I heard a really loud crash,” said Kia Dewsnup, a junior studying nutrition, who was at the scene. “I turned around and saw all the glass on the road.”

Police, an ambulance, and a wrecker were all present at the scene.

“The one girl who got hit was only able to get out of her car through the passenger side,” Dewsnup said. “Now that I see the damage I can understand why.”

Dewsnup said by looking at the car she wonders how either driver did not get hurt.

“I’ve been standing here wondering if everyone is O.K.,” Dewsnup said. “I can’t even imagine.”

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