Students find a home in the STC

Students who once crowded into the Mark Austin Technical and Electrical Engineering Building for classes are now finding a home in the Science and Technology Center. Josh Backstein, a sophomore studying computer science, said he felt as though the Austin Building did not have the space or resources for his major. “It seems like we…


New Ticketing System

A new ticketing service released in November 2016 allows students and BYU-Idaho Event Services to customize and find the events they are looking for. This new program is on the school’s website but not linked to students’ BYU-Idaho account like it was before. For first time users, it requires a few more steps, but after…


Religion professor writes new book

Janiece Johnson, a BYU-Idaho religion professor, published The Witness of Women: Firsthand Experiences and Testimonies from the Restoration on Dec. 30, 2016. Johnson, a writer and historian, was born in the Bay Area of California. She studied at BYU and Vanderbilt University, where she obtained a master’s in history and in theology. Right before moving…


Winter weather creates parking issues

Parking spaces on campus are scarce with more snowfall this early in the winter than in previous years. The management at The Gates said with more cars and students, it is hard, but they are trying to accommodate students. They said “students cannot park on the city streets from Dec. 12 to March 26.” Tyler…

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