Brady Parks’ rise to success

Brady Parks is a singer-songwriter, charismatic band leader and Sunday School teacher extraordinaire according to his friends and family. The National Parks, the band Brady Parks plays in, played for BYU-Idaho Center Stage’s concert series on May 12 and 13 in the Oscar A. Kirkham auditorium. Slade Walker and Nick Robbins, two members of the…


Prayer room contested in Texas

A prayer room, often used by Muslim students at a Frisco, Texas, high school, is raising concerns. The room has been at the school for eight years. Recently, parents and attorneys suggest this policy may be promoting religion or even giving special treatment to certain denominations. “Liberty High School’s policy should be neutral toward religion,”…


Former BYU-Idaho paramedic student pleads guilty to three felony charges

A former BYU-Idaho paramedic student has pled guilty to three felony charges of obtaining a controlled substance by deception, misrepresentation, fraud or forgery. Nicholas Sherman, 29, was arrested and charged in 2016 after police discovered he had managed to write several fraudulent prescriptions while interning at Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg, according to East Idaho News….


Pornography: Will you join the fight?

What would you do if a local radio station advertised how to hide a porn habit? After an Arizona radio station aired a public service announcement detailing how to hide pictures of “naked juveniles,” petitions and public outcry has “put tiny Benson (Arizona) on the map,” according to an editorial by the self-declared radio station…

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