What are college kids eating?

A recent study claims one in three teenagers arriving for their higher education are unable to boil an egg, according to “Sometimes the families don’t cook,” said Leah Baker, a freshman majoring in general studies. “That could result in college students not knowing how to cook. It can be laziness, too.” Students don’t know…


Saying goodbye to the Gilberts

Written by: Tori Sheets and Emily Brady It was a Monday night. Spring was just starting to win the battle against its predecessor. Winter was planning its last snow storm for the next morning, but on this Monday evening, the snow was starting to disappear. That night, President Clark G. Gilbert and his wife told…


Millennials put off saying “I do”

Written by: Spencer Board Millennials are saying no to marriage, according to a study by Bentley University. This is hardly the first time marriage has revolutionized in culture. In the 18th century, marriage transitioned from a means to better social or economic status to an act fueled by love, according to the same study. The…


“No More Bad Days” gives away free hugs

Written by: Deven Kosciusko Passersby collected their free hugs from members of the student-run “No More Bad Days” depression and anxiety support group at the corner of Fourth and Center Street on Tuesday, Jan. 31. Michael Menendez, co-founder of the support group and a senior studying communication, said the ten-to-fifteen members meet once a week…


How much are you spending on your wedding?

Written by Spencer Board  The average cost of a wedding in the United States is $29,858, according to the consumer finance website ValuePenguin. The average cost of a wedding in Utah is $15,257, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. There is a substantial difference between money spent on LDS weddings and money spent on weddings…


Spreading awareness on world cancer day

Written by Antonio Cruz Santos When the Wiggins family took their sick six-year-old to the doctor, they did not expect to receive a diagnosis of Leukemia. “My parents realized that when I was young, I did not look as healthy,” said Preston Wiggins, a junior studying computer science. “They took me to a doctor and…

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