Dissenting Opinion : This is a time for School

Students of BYU-Idaho are temporary. We won’t be here forever. We will probably only be here for a couple years and only in four-month increments. And, more than likely, we won’t call this home. Therefore, yes: as students we should care what laws affect us, either directly or indirectly. But our main focus should be…


A word about Beauty and the Babies

Ouch. I literally just did the very thing I can’t stand when others do. My friends and I were talking about Beauty and the Beast, and of course I told them how much I loved it. And, of course, the “controversial gay scenes” came up. Disclaimer: I sincerely believe the family is ordained of God…


Use language to shatter social stigmas

“I’m depressed because I finished binge-watching my show on Netflix.” “I’m so OCD about dirty dishes being left in the sink.” How many phrases like this have we all used before? There is a trend in our language where we tend to use mental illnesses or disorders as adjectives to describe how we feel about…


Shedding some light on MormonLeaks

We are living in a world of transparency and acrid discrepancies. Actions are led by bitter pride and unbridled passions. The loudest voice seems to end triumphant — an unfortunate circumstance when the most crucial voice in everyone’s life is still and small. The ever-growing MormonLeaks page is proof of that. While the website’s goal…

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