Avoiding aggression is the best way to fight injustice

Of course it’s appropriate to feel passionate and speak out about issues that matter to us. But, no amount of yelling, screaming or adult-tantrum throwing ever secured long-term or beneficial progress for individuals or society. Angry. Contentious. Combative. That’s how various news outlets described the meeting atmosphere where U.S. Congressman Raúl Labrador spoke to Idahoans…


Dissenting Opinion : This is a time for School

Students of BYU-Idaho are temporary. We won’t be here forever. We will probably only be here for a couple years and only in four-month increments. And, more than likely, we won’t call this home. Therefore, yes: as students we should care what laws affect us, either directly or indirectly. But our main focus should be…


A word about Beauty and the Babies

Ouch. I literally just did the very thing I can’t stand when others do. My friends and I were talking about Beauty and the Beast, and of course I told them how much I loved it. And, of course, the “controversial gay scenes” came up. Disclaimer: I sincerely believe the family is ordained of God…

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