What’s your priority: studying or sleeping?

It might be because of a homework assignment due at midnight, or because there is one more episode to watch on Netflix, but college students aren’t getting enough sleep. How does lack of sleep affect their studying? “Students overwhelmingly cited time spent online and with electronic devices as significant obstacles to sleep,” according to the…


How different is the BYU-Idaho culture?

Moving to a different state or country, or changing religions can be nerve-racking. So how do students adapt to the culture here at BYU-Idaho? “Most students don’t equate entering college to entering a different culture,” according to College Parent Central. BYU-I is a university where students can receive an education in an environment that is religion-based. Students…


How do you keep dating your spouse?

Why is it important to date your spouse? “When you’re married, it’s very easy to fall into a routine of spending time together and thinking that it’s ‘continuing courtship’”, said Steven Anderson, a BYU-Idaho alumnus. “You go to the store together; you watch Netflix and eat meals together; you spend lots of casual time together, but…

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