Written by Brie Boss

Feb. 1, the residents of the Cedar Apartments were informed their building was on schedule for destruction. They received emails from the manager, Jeanie Ure, confirming the tear down for next semester. For weeks now, many residents have been scrambling to locate a new home for next semester.

“When I heard about it being torn down, I was really sad,” said Valerie Long, a senior studying theater and speech education. “I have been here for three semesters and am sad to have to leave.”

Other students do not have much time left in school and were hoping to stay at the Cedars the entire time.

“I was really upset when I heard it was getting torn down because I’m getting married, so I didn’t have much longer to live here,” said Naomi Weaver, a senior studying art education.

One reason girls said they loved the Cedars was because of the great management. They said they felt like family and that they were welcomed.

“My lasting reaction would definitely be the friendly people I met, including the manager and tenants,” said Alejandra Canales, a freshman studying accounting.

Long said she felt love and support from those in the Cedars.

“I feel like it’s such a family here because I have gotten to know the other residents and the manager,” Long said. “They all treat each other with love and support. I really enjoyed living at the Cedars.”

The Cedars management said living in the Cedars has affected where students looked and signed contracts with other apartments. Residents said the location and price of apartments were the first things they looked for.

“What I liked most about the Cedars was the location,” Weaver said. “It was close to campus but still only a short distance from the grocery store. And for the price offered, it really wasn’t that bad.”

Cedar’s pricing was at the following amounts: for a shared room it was $990, while a private room was $1,195, according to the Cedars website. So within this range, residents went in search for a new apartment they might call home.

Continuing along First West, Birch Plaza, Normandy, Royal Crest and Heritage apartments have all been looked at due to how close they are to campus.

Some expanded past the corner of the Cedars. Others looked at Sunrise Village, Riviera and American Avenue.

“I decided to go to Sunrise Village,” said Michelle Graham, a senior studying music. “It felt right and had a good price range. It is also really close to the building I am mostly in.”