How to inspire your heart with art in and around Rexburg.

What does it mean to “inspire your heart” with art? The name says it all. “Inspire” means to “produce or arouse (a feeling, thought, etc.),” according to Art can be defined as many things and found almost anywhere.

Here are some ways you can celebrate and be inspired by art in Rexburg and surrounding areas on Tuesday, Jan. 31 and other days of the year.

1. Attend a concert.

BYU-Idaho often puts on concerts for students’ pleasure, often performed by students as well. The Voice Area Honor Recital is happening on Jan. 31. “Be uplifted by an evening of beautiful songs at the Voice Area Honor Recital on Tuesday, Jan. 31 from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Eliza R. Snow Center for the Performing Arts 269 Recital Hall.” Get inspired by listening to “the talents of BYU-Idaho’s best and brightest student singers as they share some of their favorite music with you.” More information and other upcoming events can be found on BYU-I’s master calendar webpage.

2. Go for a walk.

There are statues, plaques and other educational sites to be seen around campus and in town. It may be winter, but Rexburg is surrounded by beautiful nature to be inspired by as well.

“My roommate and I used to go on walks around Rexburg and take photos,” said Jenni Collier, a BYU-I alumna. “Sometimes I’d drive out by the silos and find my own art to capture, and sometimes it was us dressing up and doing photo shoots at the park. What I enjoyed most about it was that it was peaceful. I was in nature and just finding the beauty of things around me”

3. Visit the library.

There is a lot you can do at the local library. You can rent a book or a movie, participate in “Try it Out Thursdays,” which are activities for adults to try something new or join the book club. If you have a child, there are even more things to participate in at the library, like story time, baby time, which is 20 minutes of story time, and singing time, and there are craft nights every second Thursday of the month. The library also screens a hit movie the week of its DVD release one Friday every month. Visit the library to see a calendar with dates and which title will be shown. All of this information can be found on their website, or you can visit them downtown at 73 North Center Street.

4. Go somewhere new.

Try visiting the Museum of Rexburg or the Romance Theater downtown. Both are rich with history, and the Romance Theater almost always has some sort of event going on. You even have the opportunity of renting the Romance Theater to put on a production of your own. For more information on events and how to rent, visit

You can find an events calendar for the city on

There are other things to do just outside of town as well.

“I love going to the Idaho Art Lab in St. Anthony,” said Megan Skidmore, a senior studying English.They have all sorts of art stations, from a photography darkroom to painting. My favorite is the ceramics. You buy an unglazed pottery piece and paint it at the ceramics table; then they will fire it for you. My husband and I went there once for a date, and he made a DK barrel.”

There’s even more you can do. You just have to look around and get inspired.