On May 19, 1926, Thomas Edison spoke on the radio for the first time in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

“In 1926, inventor Thomas Edison spoke at a dinner for the National Electric Light Association in Atlantic City, New Jersey,” according to pugetsoundradio.com. “When asked to speak into the microphone, he said, ‘I don’t know what to say. This is the first time I ever spoke into one of these things… Good night.'”

Those were the first words he said into the radio. The radio has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

Thomas Edison is also known for his contributions in radio technology. He invented the phonograph, which was a precursor for the radio.

“Thomas Alva Edison created the first device to both record sound and play it back,” according to History.com. “He was awarded the U.S. Patent No. 200,521 for his invention, the phonograph, in 1878.”

Edison has made many contributions to our society today. We owe much to him and his inventions. We can now listen to the radio much more clearly than when Edison used it.

“I listen to the radio about three times a day,” said Brookelynn Goodrich, a senior studying art. “I can’t imagine my life without it.”

The radio is often used to entertain, but it has also given us another medium for communication.

“I am grateful that the radio is here,” said Myles Primm, a radio broadcaster for BYU-Idaho and a sophomore studying communication. “It has provided a lot of benefits, not only just for entertainment and news, but its been a great way for people to communicate. I am very grateful to be a part of the radio.”

The radio has become a part of our lives. We use it to listen to music and the news. It is an important form of communication to the masses. It continues to prove its usefulness in our daily lives.

“I hope the radio can stay for a while just because it’s always going to be something that we need,” Primm said. “It’s portable, and that is the cool thing about it. Anytime you need it, it is right there.”

Thomas Edison spoke on the radio for the first time in 1926, and we continue to listen to the radio in 2016. Even with the Internet taking media by storm, the radio will continue to prove its relevance. There seems to be no stopping the radio industry. It is here to stay.