Renee Carver

Renee Carver

The City of Shelley celebrated its 87th annual Spud Days Festival on Saturday, Sept. 19. Many events were scheduled throughout the day including a children’s parade, a potato sack race, potato picking and the Spud Tug.

“The Spud Tug is where they have mashed potatoes in a pit and you tug-of-war over the pit of mashed potatoes,” said Jaralee Richardson, a child development major and student at BYU-Idaho.

There was a beauty pageant the week before Saturday’s festival. Contestants hailed from Shelley, but the pageant drew people from other areas in Idaho. This year attracted Natalie Jangula, this year’s Mrs. Idaho. Previously Mrs. Boise, Jangula said that even though this is her first time at Spud Days, she will probably be coming back in future years.

According to the Shelley Schools website, schools in Shelley get a “Spud Harvest Break,” which starts Sept. 28 and ends Oct. 9.

“It’s funny to think about, but it means a lot to the community,” Richardson said. “It used to be so that kids could work. They could go and they could work every single day and pick spuds, and some still do that.”

Spud Days takes place every third Saturday of September.