Fog surrounded Tim Kampen and Heran Yang as red and blue stage lights dimly reflected off their instruments, Kampen gently drawing his bow across his cello and Yang softly strumming his bass. The two began the show as the seven remaining members of Barrage 8 joined them one at a time onstage on April 21.

JENNA SCHWARZ | Scroll Photography



“I’m expecting a show,” said Sierra Sonora, a senior studying psychology, just before the performance. “I think it’s going to be a mix between modern and classical music; it should be fun.”




In matching black and rhinestone outfits, along with choreographed hoppin’, skippin’ and a whole lot of hair whippin’, the nine members of Barrage 8 transported the audience inside the John W. Hart Building to China, Russia and the southern United States with their octet of stringed instruments.

It was the ninth member of the group, however, who stole the show. Drummer Kayleigh Moyer performed two drum solos and a “Purple Rain” duet with guitarist Kyle Pudenz that elicited responses from the audience that were unmatched throughout the performance.

Courtney Barfield, a sophomore studying political science, said the performance was “awesome, fun and cool.”

After the performance, all nine members of the band were available in the lobby outside the Hart Auditorium to sign autographs, take selfies and chat with their fans.

According to the Barrage 8 website, the group of performers is wrapping up a U.S. tour, with two performances still left in Washington and Oregon.

People who are interested can follow the band on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat for updates on future performances and links to follow members of Barrage 8.