Students were surveyed and asked the question: “What is Center Stage?”

Tara Cordner, a senior studying health care administration, said “It is the company that gets people to present here.”

Kade Rucker, a senior studying psychology, said, “Center Stage is the program that hosts all the big shows on campus.”

It’s true that Center Stage is the organization that hosts guest performers on the BYU-Idaho campus; however, most students don’t know what goes into the process, who is involved, or what makes Center Stage so successful.

Center Stage consists of a board of seven students with three directors. The board members and directors meet together once a week to discuss all aspects of the shows including marketing strategies, successes, improvements that need to be made and overall satisfaction of the patrons.

Miles Blaine, one of the student directors, said that one of the goals of Center Stage this semester is to expand marketing to make the students and the community more aware of performances on campus.

In order to reach more people, the board members have made efforts to market and advertise to the Rexburg community as well as the students on campus.

Some of the marketing strategies include a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

According to Blaine, a blog will also be developed soon, that will give the students and community information on Center Stage and coming shows.

In addition to social media, a Center Stage booth is set in the Hyrum Manwaring Student Center where students can stop by on their way to class and obtain information about coming performances. Students can also make suggestions about future performers they would like to come to BYU-I.

As well as information and suggestions for future performers, there are also plenty of opportunities to win prizes and participate in contests to win tickets at the booth.

Blaine said a distinguishing feature of Center Stage is that the students have a lot of influence.

The motto of Center Stage is “Your Campus. Your Entertainment.” This represents what Center Stage is and what it continually tries to become. The student board is constantly coming with new ideas and strategies to allow the students to have as much input as possible as to who comes to BYU-I to perform.

One of the ways the students have a voice in determining which performers come to BYU-I is through surveys that are passed out at the end of every show. Those suggestions are then taken to the board meetings and considered for future semesters.

Among the performances scheduled this semester are Diamond Rio on May 4, Josh Wright on May 11, Bill Cosby on June 7–8, and Jon Schmidt & Steven Sharp Nelson on July 26.

“There is no excuse not to come,” Blaine said about the performances hosted by Center Stage.

Tickets can be purchased at or at the ticket office located in the Kimball building.