Several changes will be taking place in the executive leadership at BYU-Idaho .

Fenton L. Broadhead, the Academic Vice President is retiring this Fall.

Henry J. Eyring will succeed him as the New Academic Vice President. He currently serves as the Advancement Vice President, a position which will be discontinued, according to an email sent out to faculty from President Clark G. Gilbert.

“While he brings insights into the future of higher education, Henry is also deeply committed to the faculty and mission of this university,” according to the email.

Another position is being implemented: Online Vice President.

Jon F. Linford will be taking this position.

“As the Online Vice President, Jon will focus on the educational quality and spiritual impact of the entire BYU-Idaho online experience,” according to the email. “This includes addressing the needs of matriculated Online Degree students, Pathway students, as well as campus-based students who take online courses.”

These changes will begin taking place at the end of Spring Semester.