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Children need, deserve straight parents

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Unfortunately, Mainwaring’s marriage ended a few years after the adoption of their second son, and he began to explore his homosexuality for the first time.

Mainwaring said that although he felt liberated in his same-sex relationships, he realized two reasons why he never wanted to create a family with another man.

The first reason was because creating a family with another man was not completely equal to creating a family with a woman. The second reason was that denying children parents of both genders at home is an objective evil.

He eventually decided to move back in with his ex-wife and two sons to continue to raise their family. Mainwaring recalls one of the moments when he came to this realization.

“One day as I turned to climb the stairs I saw my sixteen-year-old son walk past his mom as she sat reading in the living room. As he did, he paused and stooped down to kiss her and give her a hug and then continued on. With two dads in the house, this little moment of warmth and tenderness would never have occurred. To be fully formed, children need to be free to generously receive from and express affection to parents of both genders. Genderless marriages deny this fullness,” Mainwaring said.

Men and women have different gender roles, each of which is equally important in raising a family.

According to Life Site News, Robert Oscar Lopez grew with same-gender parents, and he opposes same-sex marriage.

Several children of same-gender parents asked Lopez to vouch for their agreement of the traditional family, despite what social research says about them functioning normally.

Lopez said the reason they haven’t spoken out is because they are afraid of hurting their parents, whom they love.

“Children feel the loss keenly because they are powerless to stop the decision to deprive them of a father or mother, and the absence of a male or female parent will likely be irreversible for them,” Lopez said.

Lopez gave a few examples as to why these children felt emotionally taxed from the lack of a mother and a father in the home.

These examples include feeling a disconnect from the gender cues of people around them, feeling angry at their parents from depriving them of one or both of their biological parents and wishing they had a role model of the opposite-sex.

“I have heard of the sposed ‘consensus’ on the soundness of same-sex parenting from pediatricians and psychologists, but that consensus is frankly bogus,” Lopez said. “I am here to say, having a mom and a dad is a precious value in its own right and not something that can be overridden — even if a gay cole has lots of money, can send a kid to the best schools and raises the kid to be an Eagle Scout.”

If children of same-sex coles cannot feel happy in their own home, then the home shouldn’t be redefined.

Children are more emotionally stable if a mother and a father raise them, and it isn’t fair for the children of same-sex coles to be excluded from this divine right.

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  1. July 6, 2013 @ 7:10 pm Matthew Leach

    While it is true a married heterosexual couple can offer the best from both genders while raising children, it is erroneous to assume same-sex couples could not raise families of their own just as successfully. As Stuart Matis, a young gay man who committed suicide 13 years ago because of the self-loathing he felt due to his same sex attractions, said: “Whether a gay man or woman remains celibate or finds a partner, the net effect on families is zero.”

    It is not fair to say children deserve “STRAIGHT” parents. What they deserve are parents. Parents who love them and provide for them. I believe everyone is capable of doing just that.


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