A magnitude-8.3 earthquake hit Chile Wednesday evening, causing an estimated 1 million Chileans to evacuate their homes.

Being from Chile, Camila Araya, a sophomore studying fine arts, said she is no stranger to big earthquakes, but was still worried when she heard about the quake.

“I was so worried about it,” Araya said. “I started to call all my family and friends, but nobody was answering me, so I grew even more worried about it.”

Araya said the earthquake was a couple hours from her home city in Chile.

She said after some time, she was finally able to get through to her family and found that they were OK.

“Our country has very strong infrastructures that are made for earthquakes,” Araya said.

She said her family members’ houses were not damaged.

“The walls and everything were moving, but nothing was destroyed because the buildings are strongly built,” she said.

Oscar Oyarzun, a sophomore studying political science, said his home city of Punta Arenas in southern Chile, which was not affected by the earthquake, regularly has tsunami drills to prepare the people for these types of situations.

“The sirens go off and everyone walks to a safe place to see how long it would take to evacuate the city,” Oyarzun said.

One million people have been evacuated from their homes in Chile because of the earthquake and there have been at least 10 fatalities, according to the BBC.