There were many things donated besides just toys There were also clothes, books, and crayons.

There were many things donated besides just toys There were also clothes, books, and crayons.

The BYU-Idaho Collegiate Singers sang at the Osu Children’s Home in Accra, Ghana on Thursday, April 25.

The choir performed songs ranging from “I Bought Me a Cat” to “I Am a Child of God.”

“We usually have to sing for the visitors. This is the very first time we have had someone sing and dance for us,” said the assistant manageress of the center.

Jessica Heaton, a senior studying music education, and Paul Powell, a junior studying chemistry, gave the children a little taste of American music by playing a fiddle tune called “Mason’s Apron.”

During the duet, members of the choir invited children from the audience to dosey-doe and do some two-step dancing.

The children grinned from ear to ear as they interacted with the BYU-I students.

“It was really humbling for me,” said Jaime Reeser, a junior studying music. “When we got in there we were interacting with the kids from a distance.”

Reeser said a two-year old little girl named Margaret came to her. She picked the toddler to have Margaret instantly lay her head on her shoulder.

“I’d never met her before yet I cared about this child and she knew it,” Reeser said.

Nathan Black, a sophomore studying business management, said he has been to several children’s homes before.

“Mostly what impressed me about this one was the feeling of hope. It seemed to be very well cared for. There was a good feeling,” Black said.

Black said it was good to share music and a message with them.

“I hope it stirred something in them,” Black said.

Prior to their journey, Erika Miller, a senior studying music, gathered more than ten full suit cases of donations for the children’s home. Donations included toys, books, clothing, diapers, and balls.

Visiting the orphanage was just one of the many stops the Collegiate Singers have made since arriving in Ghana April 15th.

The choir will conclude their tour Sunday, April 28th.


Photos courtesy of Ashlynn Green