On June 10, several choirs performed in the Spring Choirfest Concert. These choirs were the Collegiate Singers, Women’s Glee and Men’s and Women’s choirs.

A choir concert doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes time and preparation.

First the choir directors choose pieces for their choir to perform according to the choir’s sound and abilities.

Then when they choose songs for the concert, the directors e-mail their choices to the music office. The music office then types the program and prints it.

Along with creating the program, the choirs practice each piece of music during class, and outside of class.

Sometimes a choir concert has an underlying theme. One theme present throughout the concert was spring. Collegiate Singers performed a French song called “Revecy venir du printans,” by Claude le Jeune. The translation of the title means “look here, the spring comes again.”

Women’s Glee also focused on the theme of spring and of new life. Spring was apparent in the accessory of Women’s Glee. Each member wore a large daisy in her hair. Some of the songs performed included, “A Girl’s Garden” by Randall Thompson and “Weep No More” by David N. Childs.

Jolene Scott, a freshman studying photography, said her favorite piece to perform was “Beautiful Savior” because it is a peaceful song.

Men’s and Women’s choir also had a theme to their music. Their music was all about joy, light and happiness. Conductor Kevin Brower said the text of the music performed by Men’s and Women’s choir contained “happy thoughts.”