*Editor’s note: Troy Prigmore is also a member of Scroll Staff.

Softball tryouts were May 3 and 4. Women came to the four-plex fields to show the coaches what they could do.

Day one was all about catching and throwing, and day two was all about hitting.

“Last spring, there weren’t enough girls to play,” said Ashlyn Davis, a member of the Hawks and a sophomore studying psychology.

Davis said all girls should come play next spring.

Nicole Lott, a freshman studying art education, said they need, at least 11 to 25 more girls to play.

Shelby Lykins, third basemen on the Spartans and a sophomore studying communication, said she used to play baseball in high school and middle school and is excited to play again.

She said her coach, Troy Prigmore, a freshman studying communication, is really cool.

“We were friends before (the softball season), so it’s nice to know your coach,” Lykins said.

Prigmore said he is coaching because, in the future, he wants to be a baseball analyst and wants to know more about the game.

He said he wished he could see all the players more.

Sammy Peck, a freshman studying music, said she is excited to be part of a team.

“I love the intensity of the game and the feeling of working together as a team,” Peck said.

She said that during tryouts, the energy was high when they were cheering on teammates.

Niki Hughes, the Hawks assistant coach and a sophomore studying history education, said she is coaching because all her sisters have played and because it is something her whole family does.

“I love the team aspect and the family vibe from softball,” Hughes said.

She said she would love to play this season but, because of a heart condition, she cannot.

Meghan Franklin, a member of the Vikings and a freshman studying nursing, said she is excited to compete.

She said she has been playing for five years and loves to play second base.

“I am looking forward to just being right in the action,” Franklin said.

She said the first day of tryouts were good and that it was fun to be back out there to be back out on the field.

Olivia Juretich, a sophomore studying theater, said she went to support Franklin during tryouts.

“She is very passionate and is a competitor,” Juretich said.

Juretich said Franklin is not afraid to say what is on her mind.

“Heck yes, I want to win and make it to the championship game,” Franklin said.

Justine Soto, a member of the Spartans and a freshmen studying nursing, said tryouts were pretty good. She said she loved the energy and is excited for the experience.

“I’m playing competitive softball because I really enjoy it,” Soto said. “I want to improve, and it’s a great way to relieve stress.”

Scott Hanson, an assistant coach for the Spartans and a senior studying political science, said he enjoys playing.

“I love baseball and softball,” Hanson said. “I love the game.”

Hanson said softball is fun, not scary, and that people should come. He said he thinks there is not enough appreciation for the game.

Katie Drasso, a junior majoring in general studies and the competitive softball coordinator who has played softball for 15 years, said that Sierra Shepherd is one player from tryouts to watch.

Sarah Concidine, a junior studying psychology, said she has played softball for five years.

She said her roommate was going to join competitive softball and it motivated her to play as well.

“I am excited to play this season, and during tryouts, it felt like home,” Concidine said.