I’m outside Melaleuca Field to see who made it out to the opening night of the Idaho Falls Chukars.


There are so many good things I don’t know what the best part is.  It’s a great little stadium, beautiful park to watch the game in, every seat is a great seat.  It’s a great community atmosphere, family atmosphere.  You get to watch some great baseball.  It’s a good value.  The fans really sport the team, there is a lot of excitement even when they are not playing well.  And so it’s just a fun place to be.


It’s really fun to come to hang out and eat some great food.  The kettle corn is awesome!

It’s ser local so you see a lot of people you know.

In between innings they’ll have like little kids run the bases against Charlie the Chukar, and it’s exciting to watch.


We’ll every year we have the firework show.  And they always to a great job with the fireworks.  Every game there is any number of giveaways.  Fan participation things that just keeps everyone involved and active that just makes it a whole lot of fun.


Make sure you come out to have some fun and sport the team.  Reporting from Melaleuca Field in Idaho Falls, Bryon Muir, Scroll Digital.