Elders Ronald A. Rasband, Gary E. Stevenson and Dale G. Renlund were sustained as members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Members who were in Salt Lake City, at the time of the announcement, shared their thoughts and feelings.

“I feel good knowing that I trust those men, and as time goes on, Heavenly Father is going to let you know that these are the Apostles on the earth today,” said Joshua Layton from Yuma, Arizona. “Right now I trust President Monson and the revelation that all the rest of the Apostles received and time will continue to go on and confirm what I already am feeling.”

“It just feels right,” said Zachary McGlothin from Gilbert Arizona. “Even if you don’t know them, you have to trust that God is in charge and that his Son Jesus Christ is really leading the church on the earth. It’s just kind of a peaceful feeling that no matter what, those Apostles will be replaced by whoever the Lord calls.”

“Since everything, every word, that comes out of their mouth is scripture, you sort of have to take it seriously,” said Caleb Black from Saratoga Springs, Utah. “That’s why these three were meant to be there because since we’re all going to have to take their word as scripture, it’s important that we listen to them.”

“We met Elder Rasband,” said James King from Springfield Missouri. “He’s been a Seventy for quite a while, and he came to the ground breaking at the Kansas City Temple. We were at the ground breaking. He’s given some good General Conference talks.”

“I’m just excited for them,” said Megan Mower from Alpine, Utah. “That’s life-changing and it’s probably going to be life-changing for a lot of other people too.”

Elders Ronald A. Rasband, Gary E. Stevenson and Dale G. Renlund mark the 98th, 99th, and 100th Apostles called since the restoration of the Church.