A new volume of “The Joseph Smith Papers” project, featuring the printer’s manuscript of the Book of Mormon, was released Tuesday by the Church Historian’s Press, according to Mormon Newsroom.

The volume, titled “Revelations and Translations, Volume 3: Printer’s Manuscript of the Book of Mormon,” is the 11th published volume of the project.

The Church’s purpose of the project is to make every document produced by Church founder Joseph Smith or by his scribes available to the public, according to Mormon Newsroom.

“This is truly an exceptional contribution to the study, research and understanding of Latter-day Saint history and culture,” said Robin Linkhart, president of the Seventy of the Community of Christ, during a news conference in the Church History Library. “The magnificent two-volume resource represents decades of research with the printer’s manuscript.”


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The volume includes a list of scribes and printers involved in its creation and the printing of the 1830 edition of the Book of Mormon, according to Mormon Newsroom.

“High-quality, full-color images of the most complete early manuscript of the Book of Mormon give users of this volume unprecedented access, as though they were holding the original in their hands,” said assistant Church historian and recorder Richard E. Turley Jr.