At 4 p.m., a dump truck ran into a power line on Fifth West, causing a city wide power outage, affecting more than 4,600 customers.

“They were dumping sand and gravel in the road.  The dump truck has it’s dump bed and was dumping out the sand. He caught the wire from the transformer and then the fireworks started. There were bright flashing starbursts,” said Brian Dewer, who is visiting his family from Provo.

According to the Rexburg Police Department, Rocky Mountain Power is on scene and repairs are underway.

Dewer said he was charging his iPad when the power went out.

“It just went blank. All the data and everything was gone. It won’t come back on,” Dewer said.

It is estimated that power will be restored at 6:30 p.m. according to Rocky Mountain Power.

Some residents may receive sooner than the estimated time.