BYU-Idaho students gather around the stage in the Hyrum Manwaring Center every Friday for a movie and free popcorn. But not just any movie is shown; the presenters only show classic movies.

“I feel like it helps us understand more than just our own little world,” said Melanie Whiteley, a freshman studying psychology. “We get a bigger perspective.”

Movies like “Shadow of a Doubt,” “Singing in the Rain” and “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” are shown at Classic Movie Night.

“Classic art, classic cinema, classic music, classic anything is fundamental in who we are as people,” said Sam Thomas, a freshman studying communication. “We think about who was in those videos and how, for example, in classic movies, how those movies influenced what we have today.”

These movies are meant to entertain students as well as teach them elements of classic movie design. Many students also play games at Classic Movie Night or use it as an affordable date night.