Classic Movie Nights are held in The Crossroads from 8-10:30 p.m. one different Friday evenings throughout the semester.

Sister Euleza Hymas, the advisor for Social Activities said there are three left this semester. Social Activities will be showing Sergeant York Oct. 16, The Invisible Man Oct. 30 and The Shop Around the Corner in November on a date yet to be announced.

Hymas said the movie nights are free and the managers of the event give out free popcorn for all who attend.

Hymas said that when the classic movie nights first started, they charged an admission fee of $1.

“We are all poor college students,” said Nathan Peterson, a coordinator in Social Activities and a sophomore studying engineering. “It’s a great opportunity to go and have some good fun for free and enjoy a good night.”

Hymas said Classic Movie Night began with a student who had a love of classic movies. The student’s vision was to have them outdoors at first, but when the cold weather came, they were moved indoors to The Crossroads.

“A girl walked in the door and said, ‘You know, I have a love for classic movies, and I think that there’s other students who would love to watch them as well,” Hymas said.

Hymas said that Classic Movie Night began in spring of 2009 and has been happening on campus every semester since then.

Peterson said he first got involved with Social Activities by hearing about Classic Movie Night from a friend. He said it is a great opportunity to have a fun night out of the apartment, as well as a free date.

“It’s a fun event for the people who like to stay in, but it brings them out to be able to socialize.” said Chase Tucker, a supervisor over Social Activities and a sophomore studying construction management.

Tucker said President Clark G. Gilbert is really trying to bring students out of their apartments to get them to socialize more.

Hymas said there are anywhere from 40 to 400 students who attend Classic Movie Night depending on the night and what movie is showing.

“The manager, John Erekson, has some good plans and a good vision for it, and he has goals to bring it up every time,” Peterson said.

Tucker said that movies such as the animated version of Cinderella and Jurassic Park were both big hits before in the past.

Hymas said Social Activities has to purchase the rights to show each movie, which can cost anywhere from $140 to $800, depending on the movie. They do this in order to give the student body an opportunity to enjoy a free event as well as to get informed on what else is happening on campus.

Peterson said at every Classic Movie Night, Social Activities does a 30-minute presentation about what other events are coming up on campus. They want to keep students informed and to help them have the opportunity to get involved.

Social Activities’ mission statement states, “Social Activities invites students to gather, develop socially, discover their capacity for success and obtain a lasting desire to help others recognize their own potential.” according to the BYU-Idaho’s Social Activities Web page

Peterson said Classic Movie Night  helps to fulfill this statement by bring students together.