BYU-Idaho housing facilities should be clean, orderly, safe and inviting, according to the BYU-I Approved Housing Guidebook.
Debbie Holm, the manager of Windsor Manor said there is a lot less chaos and contention when things are clean and where they are supposed to be.

“I feel like there is a lot less chaos and a lot less contention when things are clean and where they are suppose to be,” Holm said. “Especially when everyone is pitching in and helping, there is a lot less contention. When there is no contention you will have the spirit.”

Mike Myatt, a junior studying healthcare administration, said dirty apartments cause roommates to not want to invite friends over because it reveals a dirty lifestyle.

“Clean apartments do bring unity because usually when it gets dirty it starts to fester resentments and contention, because a roommate isn’t picking up the slack,” Myatt said. “People don’t want to invite friends because they’re embarrassed of the mess and overall it just expresses a sloppy and lazy lifestyle.”

Holm said that a good way to help keep the apartment clean is to have an apartment council every week.

“One thing I noticed when I do clean checks is that the students are not dividing up the jobs as they should and rotating them so that everyone has a chance to participate,” Holm said. “I think the best way to do that is to have apartment council once a week to help show what needs to be done and what needs to be worked on.”

Students can download apartment council worksheets to help guide the discussions, according to the BYU-I Student Living page.

Orla McDaniel, a junior studying interdisciplinary studies, said that the best way to keep an apartment clean is to clean as you go.

“As you finish a meal, clean up after yourself,” McDaniel said. “Sweep up if you drop something and vacuum at least twice a week.”

Myatt said an apartment can be clean when everyone works together.

“My apartment is not really number one at this, but when we do, it is because everyone takes responsibility on their things,” Myatt said.

McDaniel said that because we are God’s children and he is a God of order, we naturally feel peaceful when there is order around us.

Holm said having a clean apartment helps create peace.

“I think things are a lot more stressful when it’s a mess and a lot less stress when things are clean and organized,” said Holm.

To help students to organize their apartment and create a better lifestyle, students can go on to the student living website and print out cleaning checklists, according to the BYU-I Student Living web page.