On Thursday morning, Oct. 6, online threats were made by clowns to kill teachers and students in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Extra officers will be on hand to handle the situation but the Idaho Falls Police does not think the online threats are credible. The department will continue to investigate the threats, according to KIFI Local News 8.

Reports of clown sightings in Idaho have also been under investigation in Nampa, Magic Valley, Wendell and Pocatello, according to East Idaho News, Idaho Statesman, and 7KTVB.

Police are still unsure of whether the clown threats and sightings are real, but they are taking each claim seriously. They are also warning citizens to stay safe and to not approach any clowns if spotted, according to KIFI Local News 8.

The following is a news release from Idaho Falls School District 91.

Idaho Falls School District 91 officials learned late last night that the social media postings about clowns coming to schools to harm students have surfaced in Idaho Falls.

Here is an update on the situation:

– The IFPD is investigating the postings but at this point they have found NOTHING to substantiate them.
– The IFPD is planning some additional patrols around schools TODAY as a precaution.
– At this point, there are no plans to change our regular school operations. Classes will be in session today, but
school will be closed on Friday as planned for teacher inservice.
– The safety and security of our students is always our priority and district officials will continue working closely
with the IFPD.
– We know these rumors may make students anxious, and offer these suggestions to parents as a way to try and ease their
– Listen to your child’s concerns and ease their fears with facts and empathy.
– Let your child know that adults will do everything possible to keep them safe.
– Encourage your child to report their concerns to an adult.
– If they see any suspicious behavior they should report it to an adult.
– And, they should look to reliable, trusted sources for information.
– Parents always have the right to keep their children home from school if they have concerns, but they would need to contact the school and verify the absence.
– Anyone who sees anything suspicious should contact the IFPD at 529-1200.

Information in this article was originally published by East Idaho News