This past Saturday, men and woman arrived at the upper fields excited to participate in a coed lacrosse tournament. As the event began to take shape, players made teams at random and joined together to play this sport that they know and love.

“Lacrosse encompasses everything you love about soccer and everything you love about hockey. It’s just fun, the strategy behind it is intense and it’s fast paced. There’s a lot of body contact. It’s a fun time,” said Kaitlyn Jameson, a senior studying business management.

Robert Prince, the tournament manager, made sure all were enjoying themselves as the day progressed. This included changing plans to fit the desires of those playing.

“Our plan was to have a six vs. six tournament and then we went off into two teams. We just went with what everyone wanted to do. We got the general consensus and the girls wanted to play a co-ed game, so we gave them pads,” said Prince.

Although Saturday was only a one-day tournament, the spring semester brings a full lacrosse league where any interested can come and play competitively.

“The spring league is so fun. There are maybe a handful of us that are returning players and we usually end up coaching. I would say the majority of the league is new, fresh players who’ve never touched a stick before. It’s so fun playing with them, watching people fall in love with the sport. So, if you’ve never played before and it looks fun please come check it out because it’s awesome! It’s worth the time,” said Jameson.

You can find other one-day sporting events this semester by going to the student activities website. Don’t be afraid to come and take advantage of all the opportunities available here at BYU-Idaho.

“These events are really fun because you just show up and you have a good time and you make a lot of friends. So it’s great,” said Jameson.