Jordan Mayfield, Vikings men’s lacrosse head coach and a senior studying web design and development, will be coaching lacrosse for his third season. Last season, he took the Vikings team to the championship. The Vikings made it to the championship game and lost 5 to 6, the other team scoring a goal with two minutes remaining.

Mayfield said they had 85 guys try out this season, which was the most they have had while he has coached.

“Last year, we had probably 65 guys, and half were new,” Mayfield said. “This is the year with the most talent — twenty-five brand new players, which is really good for this sport.”

Six of the players were on Mayfield’s team last year.

“By far, our most skilled guys,” Mayfield said. “Last year, the team had hardly any substitutions, but because of the increase of players, there will be more room to breathe. We have ten to five subs.”

Jessie Silvester, the Spartans women’s lacrosse head coach, will be the head coach for her second season.

“Last season was awesome,” Silvester said. “This season, we have pretty much all new girls. I’m really, really excited. We have great coaches. I love having new girls because it’s like a new concept. Lacrosse is an exciting sport, and it’s really unique.”

Mayfield and Silvester not only coach, but have both played lacrosse in the past.

“I almost enjoy coaching more than I do playing,” Mayfield said.

He said one of his players that was new to lacrosse was the player that scored the shot to tie the game during the 2015 championship.

“It’s cool watching guys grow,” Mayfield said.

Silvester said she played lacrosse on the men’s team, back when they didn’t have a women’s team. Unlike the men’s team, the women’s lacrosse team at BYU-Idaho is non contact.

“You actually get to organize things outside of practice and games,” Mayfield said. “You have your lacrosse friends. Last year, my team had two and a half years experience, compared to the other teams that had three or four years of experience. We did pretty well considering that,” Silvester said.

“The first rule of team building is an obvious one: to lead a team effectively, you must establish your relationship with each team member,” according to UC Berkley Human Resources. “Remember the most effective team leaders build their relationships of trust and loyalty rather than fear or the power of their positions.”

For both coaches, enjoying the process is one of the most important aspects of both coaching and the experience that coaches pass on to the players.

“I focus on just having fun at practice,” Mayfield said. “We’ve had problems (before) with people not showing up. I’ve found that the more fun it is, the more people show up.”

Mayfield said he likes to talk to the players in practice, to see what they want to do and what they want to get better at.

“That’s the most important thing for me, the girls having fun,” Silvester said. “Build(ing) confidence, (and unity). They can feel empowered they can release frustration. I think that that’s important in the world we live in.”

Silvester said that when she’s with her girls, she’s really outgoing.

“I like getting involved with the girls. Especially (with) a sport I love,” Silvester said.

“I think that team sports can build character and help you with a job. Because a lot of jobs you have to be a team player.” Silvester said.

Before every game, Silvester likes to help her players know what they want to accomplish. “I sit them down and I ask them what their goals are for that game,” Silvester said.